Reasons Why You Need to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

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Wisdom teeth are not going to make you wiser. When these late-stage molars come in and crowd your other teeth, they constantly cause excruciating pain. Even worse, there have been documented examples of wisdom teeth contributing to cysts, harmful cavities, long-term, sinus issues, and issues with the alignment of the jaw.

However, some fortunate individuals do not suffer these typical wisdom tooth symptoms and discomforts. Is having wisdom teeth removed in Orlando worth it for you? And do all wisdom teeth need to be removed merely because oral surgery is now commonplace?

When Should Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

Your dentist near Sand Lake will use an x-ray to confirm the location and development of your wisdom teeth in order to decide whether extraction is required. To determine whether there is adequate room for the wisdom teeth to erupt, they will look at the structure of your mouth and the condition of your existing teeth. 

The main benefits of wisdom tooth removal include opening up the jaw and preventing crowding, ensuring that impacted teeth don’t harm the gums or nearby molars, and lowering the risk of oral infections and other oral health issues. The reasons to think about treatment are examined in greater detail below.  

1. Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Because they have not fully emerged through the gums, impacted wisdom teeth may not initially seem to be a concern, but they can actually cause serious problems. Wisdom teeth that are partially or completely impacted may start to erupt sideways and press up against the second set of molars, causing harm and pain to the teeth. As they partially erupt without ever entirely emerging naturally, wisdom teeth that are partially impacted can also raise your risk of developing gum disease and an oral infection. Therefore, to treat impacted tooth symptoms or to avoid problems from arising, dentist in Orlando frequently advise wisdom tooth extraction. 

2. Dental Misalignment and Crowding

When wisdom teeth sprout, they attempt to move into a location that is already crowded. Neighboring teeth frequently get pushed aside since they have little area to move into. Misalignment is the end outcome. Whether your straight smile is the result of braces or heredity, wisdom teeth can ruin it and destroy years of dental treatment.

3. Increased Risk of Gum Disease

Wisdom teeth frequently cause gum inflammation due to the constrained space and partial impactions. This may result in uncomfortable gum disease or other health risks. Recent research has shown that inflammation is particularly difficult to treat once it has started. It frequently spreads to neighboring locations. The risk of infection is greatly increased when a tooth is partially impacted because the space between it and the gums serves as a breeding ground for bacteria. As a result, wisdom teeth removal near you is recommended. 

4. Development of Cysts and Tumors

A wisdom tooth that is impacted might result in microscopic tumors or cysts in the jawbone, which can cause joint pain that necessitates the help of a TMJ specialist and a variety of TMJ treatment choices that you would prefer to avoid.

5. Sinus and Jaw Problems

Did you realize that impacted wisdom teeth can have an influence on the sinuses? We all know how closely the mouth and nose are related. When the development of these molars causes sinus pressure, headaches, or congestion, wisdom teeth removal is advised. Because oral health is an indicator of general health, it’s important to pay attention to any symptoms or illnesses.

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