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Dr. Carlos GurreoneroDentist

Dr. Carlos J. Gurreonero is a second generation dentist from Peru. From an early age, Dr. Gurreonero knew that he wanted to pursue his father’s footsteps. The thing that caught his attention was the fact that Dentistry was a way of changing peoples lives.

Dr. Gurreonero moved to Florida in 1992 and attended Dr. Phillips High School and later on he graduated from Cypress Creek High School in 1994. He then attended Valencia Community College and finally he received his degree in Microbiology and Molecular Biology from the University of Central Florida (UCF). After graduation, he was accepted to the the prestigious Boston University School Dental Medicine where he graduated in 2005 with honors in the top 10% of his class and received multiple accolades and awards.

After graduation, Dr. Gurreonero got accepted to do a General Practice Residency at the Miami Veteran Administration V.A.Hospital / Jackson Memorial Hospital/ University of Miami and his training was focused on implants, oral surgery, patient’s with complex medical issues, and restorative dentistry. In 2005 Dr. Gurreonero married Susan Cruzalegui who happens to be a dentist as well. Together they have two kids Gabby and Carlos Jr. After working for others for many years, Dr. Cruzalegui and Dr. Gurreonero decided to open their own practice 2010. They started a practice from scratch. First they had to do the build out and then they had to buy everything needed to open up a practice and started with one patient on day one. They had a dream of one day, becoming the practice that it is now. Word of mouth, our dedication for excellence, our compassionate care, our staff, our technology have made CG Dentist Orlando what it is now.

Dr. Gurreonero’s motto is ” we will treat you as if you were part of our family” and that is exactly what he does. He is an old soul that actually sits down and listens to the patients. No wonder Dr. Gurreonero has been named Orlando’s Top Dentist by Orlando Family Magazine multiple times. He loves being able to work closely with individuals on their dental health, their overall health, and the critical connection between mouth and body that influences both.

Dr. Gurreonero has a passion for dentistry and never stops learning. He finished the curriculum of Peter Dawson, who is one of the worlds authorities in occlusion, function, and esthetics. Dr. Gurreoneoro also completed extensive training at the Implant Educators institute and obtained a fellowship with The Academy of Osseointegration. He is a member of the American Dental Association and the Academy of Clear Aligners and is a Gold provider for Invisalign. He has been a member of the Academy of General Dentistry an Academy of Facial Estethics.

Dr Gurreonero thinks that it is amazing that he can help so many people while doing the profession that he loves.

Dr. Gurreonero also feels strongly about the community that supports his office and donates dental services in many ways and organizations including the non-profit organization “People who make a difference”. If you’re looking for an English, Spanish, and Portuguese speaking dentist near you, Dr. G, as we call him, is the dentist for you! He is fluent in all three languages. During his spare time Dr. G likes to spend time with his family, play tennis, watch soccer, and to play with his dog named Buster.